Property info

Address: "Vižņi"
District : Ķekavas novads, Katlakalns
Area: 59040 m2
Type of buildings:
Type : Sell
Object : Land
object_ID: #233
Price : 225,000 EUR ( 3.81 €/m2 )
Sale land with a total area of 5.904 ha. The property is located near the Ķekava, not far from the motorway V2A (A7), Katlakalns and the River Daugava. Kekavas village center is 5 km, 10 km from Riga city center. A public transport stop is located 200 meters from the property. Area consists of individual housing, which has developed over the past decade, as well as individual free lands building plots for. The property is not the communication, at the northern border of the land is 20 kV overhead power line, the gas line located 200 m from the property.
According to the Kekava municipality spatial plan of land use type is - storey residential building area (DzM1), which means land, where the primary use is a private house, semi-detached houses, row houses and low-rise apartment houses residential buildings.