Property info

District : Preiļu novads, Aizkalnes pag.
Area : 1 m2
Type : Sell
Object : Commercial properties
object_ID: #411
Price : 1,000,000 EUR ( 1000000 €/m2 )
Business sale - For sale - Aizkalne Civil Parish

A large agricultural enterprise for sale in Aizkalne Civil Parish, Preili Municipal Area. The property consists of more than 73 ha of agricultural land and 28 ha of forest. The enterprise operates in two business sectors:

1. Generation of electricity. The electrical power of the systems installed at the power plant is 0.13 MW. Propeller-type turbines – 3 units. The HPP consists of a turbine building, a room, a water intake chamber, a dam, a drainage-way, power utilities.
Mill HPP characteristics:
1. Design gradient 6.9 m
2. Design maximum flow rate 1.8 m3/s
3. Installed capacity 112.5 kW
4. Number of turbines 3:
4.1. Brand T50 horizontal hydropower unit with a propeller turbine. Impeller ø 500 mm. Generator 75 kW
4.2. Brand T30 horizontal hydropower unit with a propeller turbine (impeller ø 300 mm, generator 30 kW)
4.3. Brand T20 vertical hydropower unit with a generator 7.5 kW
Calculations and power output data for the last years available on request.

2. Agriculture – breeding of beef-cattle. The approximate livestock count of the farm is 65, including 34 suckler cows and one CHAROLAIS breeding bull. The current number of calves is ca. 30. The calves are sold for breeding or for re-sale at the farmstead auction centre. The cattle-shed consists of a concrete structure with the total are of 432 square meters.

Additionally: Valtra tractor (102 hp), Keiss tractor (65 hp), trailer and various tillage machinery.

There are two residential buildings, a sauna, a shed and 7 ponds. The house is surrounded by centenary oaks. The property has a good-quality access road, and security cameras have been instaled.